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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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that breaking news in the district, at least two people hurt outside eastern high school. >> there was basketball game there with eastern high. here's what we just learned from
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police tonight. two people shot described as juvenile females. they were found on theutdoor basketball courts at the high school. both were conscious and breat breathing. >> police have no one in custody yet and no description of a su snenlgt shomari stone just got to the scene and we're looking to go live with him as we learn more about this. our other story, light rain and fog and get ready for big changes to your weekend. >> doug talks about heavy rain and gusty winds everything you need to know for the playoffs game sunday. >> a lot of changes the last 24 hours. temperatures have actually risen the last 24 hours and will only go up tonight as well. on the radar, not much showing up. mist and drizzle and showers
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across our region. that's it. we are not expecting a lot of rain. we never were. the next storm will have lot of rain. not bad tomorrow. a couple showers. the big rain moves in tomorrow night. we could see a lot of rain tomorrow night and early sunday. sunday, we're expecting a major temperature swing and we will let you know what to expect for the redskins game. a fairfax county man that threatened to blow up a gas station. 27-year-old martin made reference to terrorism in repeated e-mails to police. exclusive new details from search warrants. jackie. >> reporter: jim, the tone of those communications to police was very disturbing. 27-year-old vincent anthony martin's e-mails and texts to fairfax county police were so alarming officers were sent to
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this citgo gas station on route 1 in the alex candryia area in response to them. he's accused of e-mailing police on january 1st saying i may be on my way to carry out another kill assassination. another e-mail read so either come clean with me or a terrorist ally of the united states will be blowing up a gas station. later the county 911 system received a text that read i will burn the man working alive like the pilot they burned in jordan. police were able to trace the communications to an apartment a couple miles away on arlington drive. they arrested martin when he walked out of the front door carrying a backpack that cont n contained laptop computer. i talked to one of his neighbors tonight and said he hadn't lived there long and when he first moved there she tried to say hello to him and he put his head down and kept walki ing away. >> developing tonight, the
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leadership of the d.c. police department is joining officers around the country urging officers to be vigilant after that ambush shooting of a philadelphia police officer. he is accused of firing 11 shots some at point-blank range h hitting officer jesse hartnett three times in the arm. officer hartnett not only survived but had the will and energy to shoot after and chase his attacker. archer told police he did it in the name of islam. >> you can see him from across the street. he already started firing. there was no call to that regard. he started firing with one aim and one aim only, to kill him. >> in about five minutes we will look deeper into archer's past and hear from a former lawyer who paints the picture of a paranoid man. >> d.c. police are getting the word out tonight, if you committed a robbery, police are coming after you. they made arrests in five armed
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robberies in the past 24 hours, part of a crack down on repeat offend offenders. one of those cases an armed robbery at a 7-eleven in the rhode island metro station in northeast d.c. police tell news4 they have two of the four suspects in custody including the one with the gun police believed was involved in another armed robbery three months ago. police believe this crew was responsible for more armed robberies and tonight they say they're sending a message. >> those amongst groups we know who you are and we're targeting you and coming after you and you're not going to get away with it. no doubt about it we will shortly be knocking on your door like many others. >> police are still looking for the other two suspects in this surveillance video. if you think you have any information that could help them, you're urged to call police. back to our breaking news from our broadcast, shomari stone just got to the shooting
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in the district. what do you know? >> reporter: we're at 18th street southeast. you can see yellow crime scene tape and police are on the scene. there are unanswered questions. we know two teenage girls were shot and injured tonight. the girls were shot after 9:00. we're hearing it was at eastern senior high school. then we hear from a witness who tells me there were a group of teens at the nearby armories -- metro station nearby. they were coming up. many shots fired, they were screaming and yelling and she says the two teens who were shot actually came here to eastern high school to the outside basketball courts. i want to make sure i'm abund t abundantly clear this may not have been here at eastern high school, it may have happened elsewhere. moments ago i talk odd to a detective and presented this information to him and he said, yes, we're looking into that angle and trying to figure out exactly what happened. we have two teenage juveniles
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sh shot, shot, conscious, breat breathing, no word of suspects. and claims this originated at a metro station and came here near eastern high school. live, shomari stone, back to you. >> you saw it first on 4. someone is stealing benches from bus shelters in the district. they found 10 benches missing. someone may be selling these benches for scrap. d.c. police and local scrap y d yards are on the lookout for them and looking for a better way to secure these be h benches. getting ready for the playoff game by making it's easier to get there. metro had planned some track work but starting at noon sunday, the orange, blue and silver lines will run on a regular sunday schedule.
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the morg garn line is closest, only a mile away, the other lines will go on as plaed. investigating a string of home burglaries linked to an online cleaning company. in each case the home owner handed over a key to a person they trusted to clean their house. when they returned they found things missing. all the victims contracted the cleaning to a third party website designed to connect you to housekeepers. police are not naming that website yet but have had four victims in recent weeks. the owner of maxi maid has information for those looking for a housekeeper. >> find out about the business. are they screening their employees? do they really train them? >> be vigilant and hide your valuables and if you can, try to
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be home during that cleaning service. >> the first police officer who faced trial for freddie gray's death will not have to testify against his fellow officers for now anyway. officer william porter won a temporary stay from a maryland appeals court. earlier a judge ordered him to testify against cesar goodson, the man who drove the van in which gray was injured. forcing him to testify violates his fifth amendment right not to incriminate himself. no ruling when the final ruling will be made. officer goodson's trial starts monday. a police officer caught on camera pointing a gun at a man's head will spend the next five years in prison. santiago was sentenced today. it was may of 2014 santiago approached a vehicle parked in front of a bowie home and told the two people inside they were parked illegally and things
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quickly escalated. cameras caught the former police officer pointing a gun at william cunningham's head. a woman had to come out of the house to tell santiago the victim lived there. cunningham talked to us after today's sentencing. >> i don't know if he will get it. hopefully the five years will allow him time to reflect. i don't know. >> jail phone calls recorded, santiago told his mother the victim owed him an apology. prosecutors say santiago showed no remorse. the old "washington post" building is coming down. if you work-around 15th and l streets in northeast d.c. and drive, bike or walk past that area, it will impact you starting tomorrow. the l street sidewalk and curb lane will be completely closed for the next 2 1/2 years. there will still be a bike lane but it will be shifted several feet away. when construction is complete in 2018, it will be the new home of fannie mae.
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can you feel the anticipation, people? we're less than 10 hours away from the opening of the nbc health and fitness expo. >> we're putting finishing to h touches on a time of great information and fun for your family. this was the center at 7:00 all set to go. getting a chance to try out some of the things you can experience including a ski simulator. she's resting up tonight for her marathon weekend. you can give the simulator and other things a try starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and be there from 9:00 to 4:00 sunday and wrap it up just in time for the redskins game. >> yes, we will. drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman and where he should be held now that he's back in custody. >> how many powerball tickets you have to buy to get every possible combination. >> the legendary d.c. spot, 9:30 club celebrating two anniversa y
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developing right now, the big question on both sides of the border, what happens to "el chapo" after a deadly shootout ended with his dramatic takedown. drug kingpin joaquin elchap bow guzman was a wanted and feared man and sparked one of the most intense man hunts in history but eluded capture for six months and already slipped through the grasp of the mexican government once and now they're trying to figure out if he will stay south of the border or extradited to the u.s. where analysts believe he will not be able to escape.
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also developing tonight, investigators are looking into travel overseas for the man who ambush that philadelphia police officer. nbc has confirmed edward archer flew to egypt and saudi arabia. now, his former attorney is talking and painting the portrait of a very troubled man. drew smith from our sister station in philly reports. >> reporter: the fbi evidence response team searched home linked to edward archer, this one in philadelphia and roped off the streets at his mother's home and carried out boxes and took photos. >> i was completely blown away when i heard the assailant lived in yaed diagnoson. >> reporter: police know him well and said while he may have gotten in trouble in the past seemed like a regular guy. >> sometimes he played with the
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kids and played football. >> reporter: the 30-year-old had weapons charges. one of his former attorneys talked with us. >> he was very impulsive and paranoid always looking over his shoulder. >> reporter: he first met archer at a new york city prison and first arrested there after assault with a gun in philadelphia and returning from what the fbi said was 10 months in egypt. so far, there's nothing to suggest that trip or his 2011 travel to saudi arabia were terror related. >> in 2013 when i met him and talked to him at the prison i had no indication he had any e ties to radical islam or muslim or anything like that. >> reporter: now that investigators are done with their search, archer's family is back in their home. they did not want to talk on camera and trying to figure it out. just how big is powerball fever, so big, people are cro crossing the border to buy
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tickets. >> here's the winner. yee-ha! >> canadians are heading south to cities in north michigan hoping to cash in on the record jackpot. a canadian winner would still have to pay taxes in the united states and canadian exchange rate 1.$1.41 -- i don't do math after 10:00, means a billion in canadian dollars. you can buy tickets until 10 oh chock tomorrow night. i already have mine. >> we're good to go. >> i will be throwing it in the trash -- when is the drawing? that was fun. >> what -- we have some crazy weather coming through, huh? >> we do have crazy weather. the only thing about it, it's normally cold crazy weather. it is going to get cold and chance of snow in the forecast
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but not the next 24-48. we're on the warm side until we hit the cold again. temperatures have come up to 44 degrees and the ceiling, too, the clouds have risen and winds are calm and shower activity in parts of the area. to the blue ridge, a little bit of a different story. 32 in cumberland, 32 in pittsburgh and 35 in martinsburg. there could be freezing rain back here. 42 degrees d.c. and fredericksburg. here's the shower activity. really scatter and continueses to be overnight tonight. not expecting a lot of rain. good idea to keep the umbrella handy if you're taking the dog for a walk. west virginia county, anybomine county and morgan county already reporting freezing rain in that area heading towards frostburg. also fog in that area, too.
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we'll see showers continuing through the night. most of the day tomorrow is on the dry side. future weather 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. and maybe isolated shower. tomorrow, pretty nice afternoon, temperatures in the low 50s for the most part. the showers around 7:00, dry through 7:00, dry through 8:00 and dry through 9:00 and 10, 11:00 tomorrow, and noise the enhanced rainfall and it may wake you up tomorrow night if you're out there sleeping. anyway -- hopefully you're inside sleeping. as you move on through sunday, notice 10:00, a couple showers. by the time the game starts the rain will be out of here. that's good news for skins as they take on the packers. notice back this way, that is all snow towards garrett county, not coming here but the cold air
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will come in during the skins game. the 4:40 start on a warm note. 58 degrees, and cooler by 4:00. it will be rather windy if you're doing tailgating. by the end of the game, 45, feels like 38 and temperatures will fall fairly quickly. high temperatures, 40s and 50s. not bad. 63 saturday and falling temperatures all day. high of 44 on monday and 42 on tuesday. and the first chance of snow on wednesday, the first alberta clipper of the season. normally they do not give us a lot of snowfall but give us very cold air. high on wednesday, wind chills between 15 and 20 all day. coldest day of the season. coming up, playoff football in the nation's capitol. there's a great deal of pressure on kirk cousins and company but
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they don't seem to be too worried. >> first, here's jimmy fallon. >> thank you, wendy and jim and everyone in d.c. we're playing spin the ♪ ♪
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suspects sebastian salazar is in the studio for us tonight. >> everybody is ramped up in the playoffs. just 48 hours away, sebastian. >> they should be ramped up.
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skins have good reason. washington won their last four games and green bay struggled down the stretch. redskins as healthy as you could hope to be this late in the season. packers are beat up in critical positi positions. the one advantage for green bay is a big one. it's playoff experience. in that category, it's not even all that close. sunday will be the packers 12th playoff game since 2009, compare that to just two over that same stretch for washington. this also marks the seventh straight post-season experience for green bay. redskins as a team haven't been this far all that much. there's at least a little playoff experience in the washington locker room. that could make a big difference sunday. >> i had one playoff game. this is still fairly new to me. we're all in this thing together. in the grand scheme of things, it's another football game, although it is a big one. once the clock starts, it's just a football game. >> the speed of the game goes up
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tremendo tremendously. regular season -- not going to say it's not fast but not as fast as the playoffs. so mistakes are possible and try to take advantage of every opportunity you're given to make plays. >> all right. desean jackson says the game is faster in the playoffs. how about a fast start on sunday? skins have jumped out to big leads in three of their last four wins and replicating that with the packers would go a long way towards washington going to the divisional round. >> i think it's our players making great plays, kirk recognizing where the ball should go throwing it and linemen protecting running the ball efficiently and the backs reading and everybody getting their combination. it's a player's game and i think they've done a great job exec e executing the games they've been winning. >> remember last time wizards swept toronto raptors out of the
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playoffs. they haven't forgotten. 25 points. wiz up by as many as 10 in the opening frame. washington had no answer for this guy, demarre deroczen, all-star guard on the triple. closing on a 24-6 run. with the bucket. watch as he falls to the ground. another scary moment for the already beat up wiz. watch te right wrist. would shake it off. and a season high 35 points and raptors win their third straight over the wiz, 8-11 at home. late breaking news tonight. according to multiple reports nationals traded pitcher bruce store re storens. he had great moments here but struggled especially late last year. guys, that's all the time we've got for sports.
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do what we do...make it progresso.
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if you're old like handly, you remember when the 930 club was there. it's celebrating 35 years with something they called the world's fair featuring the bar from the original club op f street, where j. crew is right
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now, if that doesn't blow your mind featuring the hair drier used by james brown and and the moss pit and you can even get a
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tyler perry, wagner moura,


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